Working method

Automated series

Through the industrial setup and knowledge of automated series production, our process is set up to produce a variety of frame models quickly and flexibly. As late as possible in the process, the frame parts are machined to final shape. This offers our customers the option of demand-driven ordering in terms of model and size. Because we are able to produce small production batches per model, our customers can keep their stock at an efficient level.


Experience matters

Even before or during the concept phase, we like to engage in conversation. Our production engineers think along in a shared language of manufacturability and optimization based on Design for Manufacturing. By jointly focusing on the possibilities during the development phase of a new frame, the time to market is significantly reduced. VDL BFT is happy to contribute to this by applying its experience in platform design and modular concepts.


As a manufacturer of frames, we act as self-sufficiently as possible by performing operations in-house and having control over our linked processes. This creates a total overview in the factory and allows for faster and better control for optimization. Our activities include: co-product design/engineering, frame parts production, robotic welding, heat treatment and the essential finishing operations. This enables us to deliver our frames ready to paint.

European bicycle industry

The importance of the European manufacturing industry cannot be underestimated. A European bicycle supply chain has a future in Europe; Europe has a future through manufacturing!

With the development, production and worldwide sales of innovative and competitive products, we strive to contribute to the improvement of the European bicycle industry, our living environment, preservation of knowledge, employment and thus our overall well-being.


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